Be the Change

A little bit of inspiration from my life

In life, we all have a choice! I had the choice so very long ago to either spend my entire life being miserable & feeling sorry for myself because of the hand life has dealt me


 own the hand life has dealt and sparkle doing it.

There are so many wrong, sad, and downright hurtful misconceptions about the disabled community. 

I must admit my mind goes to a place of sadness & self-pity when I remember all of the times people speak in a loud voice because they think I will understand better.

Or the time my son’s pediatrician refused to acknowledge my presence and directed all the questions to my husband. He was only there in the room because he can drive. I was the one home all day taking care of our baby. 

Oh, there are days when all I wanna do is pull the covers over my head, stuff my face with popcorn and marshmallows, and binge Friends or Big Bang Theory. ‘Cuz they get me’ and to be completely honest sometimes I do. 

Then it always comes down to this –

If I met myself on the street would I wanna hang out. HECK NO!!  I wanna hang with a positive encouraging vibe. 

After all you can attract more friends with honey than with vinegar. 

The only way I know how to do this is by using my little life as a positive example that the disabled community is not something to be pitied or feared. We are articulate intelligent human beings who just very desperately want to be 

UNDERSTOOD without having to prove ourselves. 

ACCEPTED for the wonderful creation that God intended our lives to be.

LOVED for who we are.

To me, prejudice is a deplorable way of thinking. It seems to me that the disabled population is quite often overlooked.

It’s almost as if we are being kept locked up like a 100 years ago. I am so tired of that attitude and I intend to change the way society thinks and shine a positive light in this dark forgotten corner of the world!

Who’s with me?


Why isn't Hollywood telling our story?