Candles with a personal touch

Let's get to know each other

You are invited to for yourself a cup of tea, prop up your feet, light a candle & relax. This blog is just another way we can get to know one another. You are most welcome to comment on each blog post because I insist on having a personal touch with candle lovers like you.  Click read more and please leave a comments.

Chasing my dreams

I remember doing a 30 minute dream board in the spring of 2018. I had my whole list and on that list was I wanted to be in a store in 10 years. But I’m not one to seek it out or push. I have very quietly been learning everything I can from my amazing business coaches and trying to apply it. I started to post my sales from this holiday season on my personal fb wall and some friends of mine whom I lost touch with began asking about my candles.  Thank you so much Laura and Ashley. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Sheer Joy Scents Candles are officially in a Merle Norman in Terre Haute IN!  All my heart goes out to my good friends. It’s such an honor to be in your store!  I am so excited I’m crying!

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