Fragrance Families Pt. 2

Discover our 5 fragrance families & how they benefit you

  There are so many ways burning a candle can help you.  In this 2 part series we  take a look at some of the common benefits found in our fragrance families.  First we will have a look at our floral scents and the ways they can help you. Then we talk about our Sweet & Spicy Scent and their benefits.

Let’s talk about Earthy Scented Candles   These scents bring the forests right into your home.  In general, these scents are woodsy and warm and bring a cozy vibe to any room. they are perfect to burn when you just need to relax & chill out.  If you are looking for masculine scented candles this is your destination.

Everyone loves our Grandpa’s Pipe and it’s an all time family fav.   It is super mellow and oh so easy!  The true scent is so beautifully nostalgic it will bring heartfelt memories to mind each and every time it is burned .

“The forest cradles my shadow as hers; & gives my soul company without saying a word.” – Angie Weiland-Crosby