Fragrance Families Pt. 1

Discover our 5 fragrance families & how they benefit you

 There are so many ways burning a candle can help you. In this 2 part series, we take a look at some of the common benefits found in our fragrance families. First, we will have a look at our floral scents and the ways they can help you. Then we talk about our Sweet & Spicy Scents and their benefits.

Let’s talk about Floral Scented Candles.  Just like flowers, they are all uniquely different. In general, these scents make you feel happy and bring a bright, fresh vibe to any room. they are perfect to burn when you need a pick-me-up or just need to change your current mood.

Everyone loves our Unicorn Dreams and it’s a personal fav of mine.  The true scent is English Garden and in this magical place I can’t help but imagine that unicorns must rest there.

“Let us live like flowers wild and beautiful and drenched in sun.” -Ellen Everett 

Warm and welcoming is the feeling that you get when you smell our  Sweet & Spicy Candles.  Just like walking into Grandma’s house when she is pulling your favorite baked treat from the oven.  In general, these scents bring a soothing at homey feel to any room. They are perfect to burn when you need to relax & unwind.

Customers just love our Hazelnut Coffee and it’s a family fav. It is the one scent we ALWAYS have burning. 

“A party without cake it just a meeting .” – Julia Child