My Personal Superheros

My Own Personal Superheros

A month before my third birthday my life was almost stolen. I was born just like any other baby. I grew and developed just like any other child. One August afternoon, as my mom was painting our backyard fence I was playing on our patio by our pool. Before my precious mom knew it, a toy had fallen into the deep end and I went in after it. Not knowing the dangers that the water can hold, my little body lay lifeless. (Before I continue, I want you to know, I do not fault my mom. I hold her in very high regard! She is my best friend and has been there for me through thick & thin. I believe that it was her faith & perseverance that brought me through the first stages of my healing. And it is her faith & perseverance that I now am able to call my own! She is my hero!!)
I am told that my sister (age 7) discovered what had happened and without thought, she dove in after me. She too is my hero!! My brother (age 10) had just learned CPR in the boy scouts (now that is God) and he became my breath all the way to the hospital. He too is my hero! As a result of my drowning, my brain was deprived of oxygen. I was declared dead on arrival!! Everything that I had learned how to do in life was gone. I was declared a vegetable, my doctors told my parents to go ahead & give up on me I would NEVER improve and they would be happy to recommend some fine institutions that would adequately meet my “special needs”.

She would not send me to a cold heartless institution. I remember how grateful I was when I fully understood what a true gift that was. I remember being quite young & visiting a local “home” in the 1970s. The kids looked so lonely and it broke my heart. I know that if my parents had chosen to follow the doctors’ advice, I would not have realized my full potential; I would not be the woman I am today!
Today I am married to the Love of my Life for 22 years strong!! Together we share 3 amazing mighty men, 21 and in the Navy, 18 and 12. I also have 3 kitties.
I am a stay-at-home mom and the creative business owner at Sheer Joy Scents. I love coming alongside my friends helping them in any way that I can. I also enjoy big family get-togethers, cooking, coloring, watching movies, shopping, visiting natural parks. I love to challenge myself with activities that involve utilizing my fine motor skills. Yes, it is hard, But it gives me the chance for improvement.
Sheer Joy Scents is a handmade candle company I started in 2013 so that I stay productive while our boys were in school. My husband & I are now working together as a team to build the life of our dreams.