This is me

A little bit of inspiration from my life

One of my favorite movies is The Greatest Showman because of the song This Is Me. You see it has taken me my entire life to be comfortable being photographed with my walker or scooter.

I believed it was temporary. You see as a disabled Christian I believe that one day I will be healed.

For those of you that do not know my story let me tell you. When I was a toddler I fell into a pool. My family rescued me and rushed me to the hospital where I arrived dead.

The doctors told my family that I would be nothing more than a vegetable.   I have brain damage due to a lack of oxygen. I explain it as acquired cerebral palsy. I have a speech slur, do everything super S-L-O-W which I nicknamed sloth speed and have little to no fine motor skills. However, God had different plans for my life.

Am I bitter that this happened to me? No, because I made the decision long ago to bloom where I was planted.

Yes, it has been unbelievably difficult coping with people that stare or do not know how to relate to a person with a disability. It intensifies the self-consciousness that always shadows you.

I refuse to be upset by my disability. Instead, I have chosen to take the hurt & heartache that I have experienced over the years and use it as a tool to show able-bodied friends that I am very easy-going & relatable for a purpose. Because there is nothing scary about the disabled.

I have grown more comfortable with being photographed. The way I see it I am already healed because Jesus paid the price.

Whether or not the manifestation is tomorrow or in heaven I choose to allow HIM to use my life to inspire and educate others & glorify JESUS CHRIST.