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Choosing a candle online can be so difficult sometimes it is nice to hear what our candle friends are saying about us.



Renae Christine (my business coach) & Tom  says

What a magical gift from one of my all time favorite Besties. Joy is everything that’s in her name. She’s always happy, never complaining and always grateful. She’s also incredibly talented. These are some of the best smelling candles I’ve ever smelled. —Especially while I’m pregnant. These will be lit all day! Thanks again Joy. 

I told the kids that names have meanings and if I had to describe Joy with one word it would be “Joy”. You most certainly live up to your name! Many blessings to you..
Your candles are AWESOME!!


Kate says

Snickerdoodle Handmade Soy Wax Melts

Thank you Kate for the super cute video review!!



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Linsey Says

Cranberry Chutney Melts

Smells so good! Love the free samples! Definitely a great purchase 🙂



Madison says

Violet Wax Melts 

 I’ve really been loving the floral scents, probably because it’s winter but this has such an amazing scent throw it’s crazy. I’ll definitely be reordering.

Himalayan Bamboo Wax Melts

This is one of my favorites to melt at the moment, very different from some of the scents I’ve tried. This one is very unique and fresh. Definitely will be a reorder.

Hazelnut Cappucino Wax Melts

 I love melting these early in the morning, they make you feel energized in my opinion. Like you just want to hug a mug of coffee. Amazing scent throw.

Merry Misltetoe Wax Melts  

I gave one of these as a gift for Christmas and I know they’ll love it. I’m a big fan of the spruce/tree scent.

Pumpkin Spice Wax Melts

Reminds me of a pumpkin spice latte and I love it. Great for the holidays, makes me crave pumpkin pie honestly lol 10/10.

Grandpa’s Pipe Wax Melts

This is a very new scent to me and I love it.  I love experimenting with different scents and finding out new scents to try. I’ll definitely be purchasing a candle of this in the near future!

Unicorn Dreams Wax Melts

These wax melts have a very fresh scent, almost like a garden. Definitely one of my favorites, I used to not be much of a floral person but I might just have to be lol.

Peppermint Bark Wax Melts

This one is definitely a favorite in my household right now, I bought 2 and one of them ended up missing because my brother stole it because of how much he loved it! But I can’t blame him lol, really makes it smell like Christmas with such an amazing scent throw.

Gingerbread Wax Melts

Who doesn’t love the warm scent of gingerbread! I know I do, reminds me of making gingerbread houses ( even though I fail at it) but anyway. This scent is absolutely amazing, it really puts you in the be Christmas spirit.

Brandied Pear Wax Melts    

One of my favorites I’m burning right now actually, I’ll defiantly will be buying more melts and a candle of this!

Cranberry Chutney Wax Melts

This is a new scent for me and I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this but I do. Reminds me of thanksgiving and I absolutely love it. It’s a nice warm sweet scent in my opinion, perfect for the holidays

Lemon Pound Cake Wax Melts

I ordered this for my mom and she loves lemon pound cake so much and so do I now because of this! I’ll have to reorder for myself! 💕

Apple Harvest Candle 

I’ve almost burnt through the entire candle because of how much I love it! This is my first time trying a wood wick and I absolutely love it! I’ll definitely be reordering more.

Lilac Blossoms Wax Melts

I love this scent so much! I have a lilac bush in my backyard and this smells exactly like it! Thanks so much for bringing spring into the winter! Absolutely love this and will be reordering

Chardonnay Wax Melts

I gave this one as a gift for Christmas to my grandma and she’ll definitely love this because I know I definitely do! It’s a very unique scent too, nothing like some of the other scents I’ve smelled.

Sugared Pralines Wax Melts

I love this warm scent that reminds me of when my granny used to bake, it brings back memories and I love it. This is one you definitely have to try.

Orange Chili Pepper Wax Melts

I love trying out new scents and I wasn’t sure if I’d like this one or not but I ended up loving it! Don’t be scared to try different scents and experiment because you might end up finding something you love!

Night Blooming Jasmine Wax Melts    

I ordered 2 of these and they’re absolutely amazing, and I can’t stress that enough. It smelled up my entire room and I love it.

Cotton Candy Wax Melts

First off, the color of these melts are so beautiful and they’re very neat to watch melt. The scent throw is amazing and I might just have to buy the candle too! 💕

Japanese Cherry Blossoms Wax Melts

These melts are my absolute favorite and I’ve been constantly burning this scent since I got them and I love this scent so much. This is definitely my top favorite. Repurchase will we soon!

Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Bun Wax Melts

These melts were amazing, I bought most of these as gifts and they are so great. I’ve been constantly burning since I got them. Will be repurchasing.

Apple Harvest Wax Melts

This scent was amazing!! I got 2 of them and I loved this so much I just had to keep them for myself. They are beautifully scented with an amazing scent throw! This definitely will be a reorder!



Edith Says

Custom Votive Set

Last year I order some votive candles as small gifts for the holidays and every one who received one just loved it. I ordered twelve for this holiday season and I am just amazed how wonderful they smell! It’s going to be hard deciding who gets which one! I might keep them all to myself! LOL! But even if you do order for yourself these are beautifully handcrafted candles that burn cleanly and don’t have a over powering smell. I highly recommend Sheer Joy Scents any time of year!



Rachel says

 Christmas Set

I am so in love with Joy’s candles! I’ve ordered from her a few times now and I will keep ordering more. The scents are magnificent. The wood wicks are wonderful, packaging is fast and wrapped well. What more could a girl ask for??

I burn them almost every day when I work the lovely scents help my creative juices flow.

Joy has lots of sales and free shipping over $50. I’m also subscribed to her newsletter so I get deals all the time!

Will be buying more for sure!

Apple Harvest

Love love love all of Joy’s products! 

Cotton Candy

Love love love all of Joy’s products! I’ve left a few other reviews already, so please take a look at those! 🙂

 Brandied Pear

Aaaahhhhhhh these wax melts smell great! I love the brandied pear – great smell. I also got a few other scents and they’re all amazing.

Joy is a special woman and I love her products!

Bought from her before and will keep buying more in future!



Laurel Says

Pumpkin Spice Wax Melts

Delicious smells! Great for the Fall season…or any time!

Wax Warmer

Love this adorable wax warmer! It works great, too, and has my house smelling oh-so-good!! Joy is great to work with! So helpful and great communication! She even included some free wax melts to try out – I am loving the Lilac blossom scent!!




Hazelnut Cappucino

Love the Hazelnut candle! Love the scent, love the store! Joy is an amazing craftswoman. The scents are beautiful and strong. The pipe scent is unbelievable, too. She gave me a sample wax melt of it as a bonus. The scents are so fragrant, I’ve put the –packaging–, not the melts or candles, the PACKAGING – in my pantry. And it smells fabulous!!



Erika says

Apple Harvest

I love my apple harvest soy was candle. 🙂 It smells yummy, and it is a really good, large size. Joy is a pleasure to work and chat with. She is always finding great cause to donate her profit to. I’d love for more people to discover Sheer Joy Scents.



Ms. Allen says

Wax Warmer

Love the Owl Warmer! How did I ever live without this!! Great customer service and fast shipping too.



Rachel says

Summer Set

Awesome candles! They smell awesome and I love the wood wick! I had no idea what a moving story Joy has, and when I read the insert that came with the candles, I was moved to tears and even happier that I found her on Instagram and got my candles from her!

Joy is amazing to communicate with. Answered my questions so fast!

Will definitely buy from this wonderful seller again!


Sue  7/31/17

Sue says

Orange Chili Pepper Wax Melts

I  already have one of the melts burning, such an amazing scent, I love it!!! I’ll be burning the votive soon. Thank you for sharing your story!! ❤️

Orange Chili Pepper Votives

I just got my votive and melts today!! Oh my goodness, I love the spicy citrus smell! Thank you!!!



Mix & Match Candle Set

Tara says

Love, love, love my candles!! They came packaged beautifully and arrived very quickly. I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you Joy 😃



Wax Warmer

Judy Says

This was purchased as a gift for my sister. She called as soon as she received it and was so thrilled with the beautiful way Joy had packaged the items. The note she enclosed was heartwarming. It is a delight to do business with such a thoughtful, caring person. My sister’s home will smell wonderful!



Wax Warmer

Gilda Says

It’s big and beautiful! I thought it was a wall plugin, so I was thrilled that it was a tabletop warmer. I have known Joy for the last 20 yrs, she is a down to earth honest to God good person, always looking out for the best for others. She extends that quality in her crafts as well, from making bread & pies to her line of candles, soaps & lotions. This product works so well that her wax squares melt evenly and give such a wonderful inviting scent to the whole house, it can be smelled even upstairs! Thanx Joy! Keep up the good work! <3



Lip Balm

Cheryl says

 OHMYGOODNESS! This is not your typical lip balm! This balm is so flavorful, and smells so fresh! It feels great on the lips, and NO SHINY, GOOEY look or feel! THANK YOU!

 Wax Warmer

This warmer is exactly as described. It is gorgeous and elegant. I am super excited about my purchases! So happy I found this gem of a company!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Wax Melts

 These melts are BY FAR the most fragrant melts I’ve ever smelled. They are flawless, fun, and PERFECT! Best of all…they are SOY!!! The owner of this company definitely knows what they are doing.





Black Raspberry Vanilla

Marsha says

This seller is amazing! She sent me samples and they are all awesome, so awesome I had my husband smell these wonderful fragrances. We had to order, Thank You Joy! Wonderful products will order again (soon). 🙂




Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Buns

Mary says

Love it! This candle is so fragrant that it doesn’t even have to be lit to smell wonderful. Thank you so much!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are truly HONORED, HUMBLED & BLESSED by all of our candle friends! LOVE YOU LOTS!!