Many of my friends have wondered if Sheer Joy Scents is still sending out goodies. I am pleased to say yes. In fact, this box full of stress-relieving goodness is heading to VA right now. As always I tucked in a few extra hugs!
Candles are a great way to keep the stress away and stay calm & so that you can keep the peace in your home.

The best handmade scented
soy candles you will ever buy

Lighting a candle brings us much so pleasure in our everyday lives.  Our candles are designed to instantly delight your senses.  Experience love at first light as our wood wicks crackle and gently spark.  Relax and unwind with our highly scented, pure, clean, soy candles that last a long time.  You will enjoy these little beauties as you breathe in life’s little comforts!

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I remember doing a 30 minute dream board in the spring of 2018. I had my whole list and on that list was I wanted to be in a store in 10 years. But I’m not one to seek it out or push…

OMGosh you guys this is HUGE to me! My business coach Renae Christine & Tom Cote and her husband just gave my little candle shop a shoutout on Social Media.
Renae Christine (my business coach) & Tom  says
What a magical gift from one of my all time favorite Besties. Joy is everything that’s in her name. She’s always happy, never complaining and always grateful. She’s also incredibly talented. These are some of the best smelling candles I’ve ever smelled. —Especially while I’m pregnant. These will be lit all day! Thanks again Joy. 
I told the kids that names have meanings and if I had to describe Joy with one word it would be “Joy”. You most certainly live up to your name! Many blessings to you..
Your candles are AWESOME!!
I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this lady! She has taught me the ropes of marketing. Following her & investing in her marketing school has been the reason SHEER JOY SCENTS has grown so well this year. My husband calls me her FAN GIRL and I wear the name PROUDLY! I love you Renae Christine and Tom Cote!  

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