Fragrance Candle by Sheer Joy


Fill your home with scented candles that bring relaxing scents that can calm your senses and lighten your spirit. Light up a Fragrance Candle by Sheer Joy and experience calm and relaxation.

This highly scented candle can make your home fragrant and sweet-smelting. It can also make your home attractive because of its decorative feature. Its charming farmhouse décor can add life to your home with its stunning colors and elegant design.

Relax and savor the relaxing ambiance of your home with this scented candle without thinking about the mess. Our sweet-smelling candle is easy to clean up — a paper towel will do the trick.

Experience the long-lasting scent of this personalized home candles and feel love at the first spark and crackle of its wood wick. Make your house warm and cozy by decorating it with Fragrance Personalized Candles by Sheer Joy. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this product’s fragrance and the calm and relaxation that comes with every candle that you light.

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Candle wax everywhere?  No worries our candles are easy to clean up.  Just grab a paper towel, soak up the melted wax & you are good to go.

Make your house feel warmer,

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