You Are Why We Do What We Do

How you helped Sheer Joy Scents become a reality

Jason & Joy 

New Smyrna Beach, Fl. Jan. 2020

“We are thrilled that everyone who uses our candles, knows that they are getting a long lasting, uniquely scented candle worthy of a queen.”

Joy Roberts – Creative Design & Marketing

Jason Roberts – Creative Design & Production

Sheer Joy Scents LLC 
New Smyrna Beach, FL., USA

Sheer Joy Scents was a long time in the making. Everything started with a series of disappointing experiences with commercial scented candles, which hardly had any actual fragrance at all. This inspired me, a stay-at-home mom with three young boys, to try and work on my own recipes… little did I know it would turn into a full-blown passion.

The very first candle we ever made.  We were hooked!

 Oak Grove, Ky. Dec. 2012

To make a long story short…

I embarked on a lengthy journey of testing and researching, through which I learned a lot about fragrances and how to find and assemble the best raw materials to really bring out the scents.

Life had little surprises in store for us… 

At the time though, I hadn’t any ambition to turn it into a full time business but life had little surprises in store for us. The 2008 recession hit my husband’s professional life hard and in 2013, we lost our house. It was at that time that I started selling my highly scented candles at local farmer’s markets in order to help support our family. Luckily, all the hard work I had put into them paid off and they were an instant hit. We were able to build a faithful local following, which made me thankful to have found a passion which could help sustain us. Then my husband got a job out of state and we were separated for three months as he had to get us settled in Florida while I stayed with our children in Tennessee.


Joy at the Farmer’s Market in Clarksville, Tn.

Sept. 2013

I quickly realized…

I kept my local operations running throughout it all and started to get requests for new unique scents from my local customers. I quickly realized that I really enjoyed the process of bringing them to life and Sheer Joy Scents was officially born!



The best part…

Throughout 2017, I dedicated myself to growing my business into a full-time operation. We released our first collection and the response has been epic.



Joy sharing my craft at the library in Port Orange, Fl.

May 2018