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Breathe deeply and relax with your favorite spring candles.  Beautifully fresh and delicate our Spring Awakenings Candle  collection is made up of the best spring candles scents that will refresh the air around you. Never tried a woodwick candle?  We heard you and listened.  We are pleased to announce that you have the choice of traditional cotton wicks or crackling wood wicks.  Both will burn nice and evenly creating a full pool of wax without the fear of tunneling.  This will result in using every bit of your candle.  

The Soy Wax Melts are great to enjoy when you want to steer clear of a flame.  These gems may be little, but they are bursting with long lasting fragrance for you to enjoy in your home or office.

Because we care about the air you breathe, our candles are nontoxic and made with pure, clean, soy wax.  Simply light up. relax and unwind.

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