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Blueberry Wax Melts

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A fragrance so mouth-watering, you’ll swear there’s a fresh pie baking in the oven.


Blueberry Wax Melts

2oz. handmade soy wax melts

Do you love the smell of freshly baked blueberry pie? Imagine that scent filling your home with the delightful aroma of juicy blueberries, warm pie crust, and a hint of cinnamon. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Sheer Joy Scents’ Blueberry Cobbler Wax Melts. It’s so delish and mouth-watering that you’ll want to take a bite out of it!
But that’s not all. Sheer Joy Scents uses soy wax in their melts, which means you’ll be able to enjoy the scent for much longer. Soy wax burns slower and cleaner than traditional paraffin wax, which means you’ll get a longer-lasting wax melt that won’t produce harmful toxins or soot. Plus, soy wax is renewable and sustainable, making it a more eco-friendly choice.
Not only will your home smell amazing, but you can feel good about using Sheer Joy Scents’ soy wax melts. They’re a better choice for your health and the environment.
So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a Blueberry Cobbler Wax Melts (or two, we won’t judge). Your nose (and the planet) will thank you.
Don’t settle for mediocre scents in your home. Treat yourself (and the environment) to Sheer Joy Scents’ Blueberry Cobbler Wax Melts today!

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All The Fragrant Deets:

Scent Profile:

Top: Blueberry

Middle: Vanilla

Base: Graham Cracker

Scent Throw: Strong

How long will the fragrance last? 8-10 hours of constant use per cube

How many cubes come in a pack?  6

Wax: 2oz. pure clean soy wax

 Color: natural color of the soy wax 

Fragrance Oils: natural and synthetic

Total Weight of Soy Wax Melt: 2.6oz

Suggested Uses: Our highly scented wax melts are such a great way to fragrance your air without the concerns of a flame.  They are perfect to pop in your purse and bring to the office and give an at home feel to any college dorm.   

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

Bundle of 3, Single Wax Melt

1 review for Blueberry Wax Melts

  1. rachel flam (verified owner)

    Love love love all of Joy’s wax melts and candles! I now have about 30-40 of her products and I’m a forever customer for sure! Thank you for yummy products Joy! 🥰

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