Taking Time Out for a Bit of Self Care

Self Care

Ways to Incorporate Self Care into your Day

 Whether you are cooped up in an office building or working from your home. 

Take small breaks.

Go for a drive on the weekend.

Dim the lights and light those candles.

When working indoors can get overwhelming

 Whether you are cooped up in an office building or working from your home. Taking small brakes are so important.   Even though it may be difficult at times, take a  break, stretch your legs and look at the beautiful nature outside your window.

I begin my day popping a clean and refreshing wax melt  like Eucalyptus Spearmint in my desk wax warmer. They are such great way to fragrance your air without the concerns of a flame.  I love
them because they are perfect to pop in your purse and bring your fragrance on the go.


Flip for more fun facts...

Eucalyptus has a minty and uplifting smell. For some people it may even help you find relief from a cold or allergies. It is also said that it has a wonderful calming, peaceful aroma that will make you feel like you are at the spa.
Mint is such an uplifting scent that everyone loves and this could be the reason. Minty candles can help relax your muscles, ease headaches, & settle your grumpy tummy. It also can help you focus when you need to get things done and may help you remember. (Do you need that as much as I do?)

Road Trip Anyone

Go for a drive & get out of dodge this weekend.  Just a simple change of scenery can do wonders for your frame of mind!  It dosen’t have to be very far or cost anything.  A simple trip to the park will do. 

Dim those lights and relax...

Dim the lights relax.  It really doesn’t matter the time of day. If  you find yourself stressed out and short with your coworkers or loved ones Try dimming the lights relaxand burn Sheer Joy Scents Eucalyptus Spearmint  candles.

  A good candle feeds the soul.